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SaaS Growth Packages

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$ 3-7k monthly
  • Who this is for: This package works well for startups who are pre-series funding
  • What you can expect: Finding your audience. Dialing in the message. Identifying the right platforms. Building trust in your brand. Largely focused on MQLs and sales-assisted SQLs.
  • Time to target: 5-6 months
  • Frequency of optimizations: Weekly or biweekly
  • Frequency of strategy suggestions: Monthly
  • Level of collaboration: Low (add-ons available)

Series A+

$ 7-10k monthly
  • Who this is for: This package is great for startups who have received funding
  • What you can expect: Refining your audience. Perfecting the message. Ramping up with the right platforms. Leveraging your brand trust. Strong MQL and SQL focus. Dialing in MQL-to-SQL-to-SAL rate and best path (ie. sales assisted, calls vs Sales Navigator, etc.)
  • Time to target: 3-4 months
  • Frequency of optimizations: Semi-weekly or weekly
  • Frequency of strategy suggestions: Biweekly
  • Frequency of meetings: Weekly or biweekly
  • Level of collaboration: Low to mid

IPO & Enterprise

$ 10k+ monthly
  • Who this is for: This is the package for startups in late funding stages
  • What you can expect: Expanding your audience. Testing new messages. Introducing new platforms for brand building. Perfecting your buyer’s journey per persona and understanding the interactions of various paths. Strong focus on SQLs and SALs driven by paid spend.
  • Time to results: 1-2 months
  • Frequency of optimizations: Semi-weekly or every other day
  • Frequency of strategy suggestions: Weekly
  • Frequency of strategy suggestions: Weekly
  • Frequency of meetings: Weekly
  • Level of collaboration: Mid to high

Here's How We Fine-Tune
Your Package Price

When you see the above prices are starting prices, you’re probably wondering how we’ll get from there to your final price point. So in the spirit of full pricing transparency, here are the things we’ll be looking at when we adjust prices up or down from the three packages above.
Who is charged with making your ads impacts pricing for a number of reasons. Long story short, if our team both writes your ad copy and designs your creative, that’s more hours on our end that we’ll spend managing your account. We’re set up for precisely that – that’s why we have in-house graphic and content talent, after all. But not all companies require us to do both pieces, which is a big part of the range you’re seeing above.
If we are doing both copy and creative, what drives that cost? Well, in addition to brainstorming messaging ideas, writing the compelling copy that you need, sending that copy through internal revisions and then pairing it with the perfect graphic, GIF, or video, we need to make sure that you are happy with the ads.
Approval rounds may be a quick process, but they can be a lengthy. The reality is that no two people will have the exact same vision for what an ad should look like or say. Over time our rounds of revisions should decrease as we learn how to deliver ads that are both effective and in-line with your unique vision. But at the beginning, there’s a chance there could be some substantial back and forth!
But on the other hand, you might not need us to make the ads at all! Maybe you have a crack team of copywriters and graphic designers and just need us to do the strategic & tactical buying. That’s cool, too – and it definitely makes your price go down!
Why would the ad budget impact the amount you are charged for management? Fair question! Generally, it’s because the more budget you have, the more complicated your campaigns will be. Your SEM campaigns will have more ad groups and keywords, which means more ads to maintain and optimize. It also means your paid social will have more audiences, because a big budget means we can build out a genuine full-funnel journey for each of your personas.
We also see more budget adjustments with a larger budget, which means more time and expertise re-allocating your ad spend. And finally, with bigger budgets we more frequently deploy third-party data through provider like Bombora, which adds another layer of strategy, planning, and optimization to your campaigns.
The more platforms we manage in your campaign, the more time we’ll be spending in your account. Not only does each platform require specific things in terms of optimizations, ad creation, and setup, but each platform introduces a new variable to consider when solving for the overall buyer’s journey. That means that we need to think about how that platform works for each level of your funnel, what content works best on that platform, and which ad format will deliver the best results for you. Essentially, each platform has to be managed on its own and as an integrated part of the whole.
Every persona requires its own funnel or buyer’s journey, and every audience has to be tested and perfected. To do this, we need to dial in the right message, content, offer, audience parameters, and landing page flow for each audience or persona we’re targeting.
Budget strategy also comes into play here. In instances where we have multiple top, middle, and low-funnel audiences running, how do we ensure that we fill each funnel level sufficiently so that each step in your funnel fires when it should? When we’re running multiple audiences and personas, these are the things we have to keep in mind.
We offer ad management packages that include your evergreen demand gen funnel and your special offers and events that help to supercharge your mid-funnel conversions. Webinars, new content offerings, and self-drive demos will require significant coordination to ensure things are rolled out and perfected in a timely manner.
Depending on what roles your organization has filled, we will make a recommendation for our data involvement.
If you have a team who has your CRM data, lifecycle stage conversion rates, cost per opportunity, demo-to-opportunity rates, etc. dialed in, you can call on us for platform reporting that will include MQL and SQL reporting and let your brilliant team do the rest.
If you don’t quite have a hold on how the conversions that your marketing campaigns drive are impacting your sales numbers, we can review what you have and provide you reporting as well as recommendations for updating your CRM for better reporting.
How involved do you want to be in the marketing process? Do you have a team who will create marketing assets based on our reporting and recommendations? How about a VP of demand gen who likes to get in the trenches with your agency?
Let us know what you need in terms of collaboration and we’ll be sure to meet your expectations. Hands off? That’s great. Don’t mind a few cooks in the kitchen? That’s fine too – we’ll just need to line out deliverables and what each team is responsible for and we’ll be off to the races.
We get it. Depending on your budget and goals you may want to meet more frequently than what your package includes. We want you to be happy and will happily adjust your package to meet you meeting needs.
If your campaigns include an ABM strategy, we will evaluate the tech and tools involved, what our role will be, and deliver those services within your marketing management package.
ABM strategies generally require an additional fee because it requires that our team work with your sales team regularly; plus, we’ll need to coordinate with your marketing operations team. These campaigns almost always involve third-party data, so our pricing also accounts for the time it takes to get your intent topics and ideal customer profile (ICP) perfectly translated to our data providers.
There are many aspects of your CRM that need to be ready for your paid ad campaigns to launch with proper attribution and understanding of the role that they play in your buyer’s journey.
Depending on your CRM, we can help to ensure that all of your conversions are labeled with the proper lifecycle stage and that leads are being surfaced to your sales team at the right time.
An audit of your CRM’s “readiness” is not required, but it is certainly recommended. If your CRM does not provide clean reporting then we will happily rely on our other reporting tools (Google Analytics, Data Box, Data Studio, Hot Jar, Oribi, etc.) to analyze and report on your performance.
Are you ready to run a funnel? Do you have case studies, lead magnets, landing pages, and nurture series?
Whether you need a single piece of content or a whole funnel, we can provide these services to ensure your paid ads have the best chance of landing.
We can add monthly content onto any of our packages or offer a full content package while we are in the funnel development process.
Do you need us to work with your sales team? We will happily listen to their calls, discuss lead quality by source and funnel stage, and brainstorm ideas to get the right people submitting demo request forms. Just let us know and we will work that into your service package if it is not already included!

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Marketing Automation

HubSpot marketing automations are the most advanced on the market. But to reap the benefits, you have to know how to use them! We help clients get the most out of their marketing automation efforts -ask us about our success stories!

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