Qualify, apply, and WIN up to $10,000 per month in FREE Google Ads

Let our Google experts help your non profit take advantage of this unique grant opportunity

What are Google Ad Grants?

Google Ad Grants allow qualifying non-profits to reach more potential donors, volunteers and advocates with FREE Google Search Advertising.


Once qualified, Google provides up to $10,000/month in FREE search advertising to non-profits to help them reach goals like:
  • Education/Informing
  • Building Email Lists
  • Increasing Event Attendance
  • Gaining Volunteers
  • Getting Donations

Is your organization eligible?

This is a two part question. First, your non-profit needs to be eligible for Google for Nonprofits. Get in touch with us and we can help you determine if you are eligible. In general, however, here is a short list of types of nonprofits that do not qualify:


    • Nonprofits providing direct medical services (like hospitals and clinics)


    • Universities and schools (though some educational nonprofits do qualify)


    • Churches and religious organizations
Second, you need to have a website that meets modern web standards and is set up to measure and track the results of your advertising campaigns, such as conversion tracking, page views, etc.


Don’t let that scare you – we provide discounted rates to nonprofits to prevent this step from coming between you and your nonprofit’s mission being better fulfilled.  In addition to great web design prices we also provide you with a FREE setup and trial that includes:


    • Ad account setup, including development of your search advertising strategy


    • Ad copywriting and configuration


    • Setting up, configuring and integrating your tracking strategy


    • Managing your ad account for the first month for FREE


Want us to help you get free Google advertising dollars? Here’s how it works:

Google for Nonprofits Application

Pass the hassle onto us - we will collect the information that Google needs directly from you. Then, we'll set up your Google for Nonprofits account and apply for approval on your behalf.

Pre-apply for a Google Ad Grant

Once you are approved for Google for Nonprofits, we will manage your application for the Google Ad Grant. The Google Ad Grant is one of the products Google offers to Google for Nonprofits customers. When we apply for the Google Ad Grant for you, we'll collect the information we need from you in a direct, streamlined way and then manage the entire application process so you don't have to get down in the techie weeds.

Meet the Website Tech Specs

If your website requires updates, redesign, tracking, or other features to meet Google's requirements, our team will begin this process while we're waiting for your preliminary approval for the Google Ad Grant.

Bonus Round!

Working with your website content and design, we will develop the advanced tracking strategy needed to ensure campaign success. We'll also build out your awesome ads by writing dozens of iterations of copy for your various objectives (education, participation, donations, etc.), plus advertising extensions that will make your ads stand out and be more
compelling. This is a $1,000-$2,000 value that we give our nonprofits for free.

Submit to Google for the Green Light

When everything is complete, our team will submit your website, tracking strategy, and ad account to Google to get your organization's final approval for the grant.

You start your Free One Month Trial* of Google Ad Grant Management

Google ad accounts don't reach and maintain the performance standards required by Google Ad Grants on their own. Many aspects of a campaign, including how keywords are matched with search queries, bidding and placement strategy, and targeting must be continually optimized and managed to keep your campaign performing. So once you're approved and your free trial begins, this is what we'll be doing for you for FREE for 30 days ($349 value). After your trial ends and we are meeting performance standards, we'll begin regular management of your account at a low monthly fee.

*Our free trial has the following terms and conditions: Digital Reach provides approximately $2,000 in free services during the trial period, therefore we require that organizations works with us for a minimum of 3 months following the free trial, so long as the ad account continues to meet Google for Nonprofit’s Google Ad Grant performance metrics. This is to avoid Digital Reach providing free services to organizations intending to manage their ads on their own.

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