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Everybody in your community is on Facebook. Put your brand directly in front of your target audience without putting a hole in your wallet when you let us help you advertise, boost, and increase your sales on Facebook.

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Getting Started With Facebook Ads

To get your Facebook ads up and running, you’ll need to establish your goals, determine your monthly ad spend, optimize your landing pages, write your copy, craft your custom graphics, master your bidding strategy, and more. This could mean a lot of work for you…or we can do it for you! We give our Facebook advertising clients exceptional service by providing the following:

Custom audience targeting

Targeting matters. Are you looking to reach only women age 20-30 in a very specific zip code, all of whom like snowboarding and have a cat? Yes, Facebook ads can be that specific. Miss a step when you’re dialing in your targeting and you’ll waste a lot of money. That’s why working with seasoned Facebook ad pros is so important – we’ll make sure every dollar you spend on social is funneled directly to the groups who are most likely to convert for your business.

Engaging ad copy

What’s the key to getting a user to stop scrolling and actually read your ad? Your ad copy and the extent to which it relates to that user. We write different Facebook ads for different users depending on our targeting – that way, no matter who is reading, our ads are speaking their language, showcasing the value of your service, hitting their pain points, and driving home a conversion.

Custom graphic design

Your Facebook ads are an extension of your brand, so when you want to exude the confidence of a successful business, you need professional graphic design to back it up. Our graphic design team has extensive experience designing custom Facebook graphic ads, videos, animations, and more.

Configuration of multiple ad campaigns

The genius of Facebook marketing is in targeting and the ability to hone in your message for a variety of different audiences. So when you’re paying for graphic design, copywriting, ad setup, and more…why stop at just one campaign aimed at one group? We lump in multiple campaigns in our initial setup costs, giving you huge marketing reach for your budget.

Expert conversion tracking

Pithy Facebook ads are great, but unless the ads are driving calls, clicks, and sales, they might as well be cat memes. Your ads need to convert and you need to know exactly what they are doing for you at any point in the campaign. Don’t settle for ad agencies that pat themselves on the back for getting you “impressions.” Get results you can see in your bottom line.

Why work with us to run your Facebook Ads?

Everybody uses Facebook these days, but that doesn’t mean that any Joe off the street can help you craft a Facebook ad strategy that brings in money for your business. So why should you choose us? Well…

Your profit is our #1 goal

When we partner with a business for Facebook marketing, we take off our Digital Reach hats and start treating your business like our business – committing 110% to your success. We hold ourselves accountable to deliver the results you want to see and don’t consider our jobs done until your investment in ads is paying off in terms of clicks, calls, and sales.

Our Facebook Ad service is affordable

You won’t find a company that produces great Facebook ad campaigns and everything that comes along with them – targeting, configuration, graphics, copy, analytics, and more – for a more affordable price. We keep a streamlined workflow and low overhead to keep our prices down, and we’re proud of our business model that allows us to give great service at prices far lower than the competition. Give us a call to talk about your Facebook ads and you’ll see what we mean.

We know what we’re doing

Our Facebooks Ads experts have been in the Facebook game for years and on top of that have extensive experience in paid advertising, customer retention, and business development. We have scores of happy clients who have seen great results with their Facebook advertising – ask us about some of our best Facebook wins!

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